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Danny's Thoughts

It's 26 years later.
Now I'm 52,
Since the worst day in my life,
That ever came true,
It was January 24, 1992,
My door got kick in,
An I thought I was through,
Their guns were out,
Screaming down on the ground,
That's when my little World,
Came crushing down,
I thought it was a nightmare,
But couldn't wake up,
Before I knew it,
They had me in cuffs,
They hauled me away,
In an unmarked car,
There were 3 FBI Agents,
With a gold star,
They drove me to Portland,
Around 200 miles away,
To Multnomah County Jail,
Were I had to stay,
They booked me,
An charged me,
An gave me a cell,
All I know is it felt like hell!
Wrote by Danny Lee Kyllo 1/24/18 4:20PM

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Danny Lee Kyllo - Freedom Fighter