My National Geographic Photoshoot

I was contacted by George Steinmetz of the National Geograghic to do a photo shoot at my old residence that would involve setting up halide lights just as it was when I was busted for growing on Jan 24, 1992. The story would be for the November 2003 National Geographic Magizine. The article involves privacy rights, The fourth amendments, and new technology that is being used to fight terrorism. I told him I would be thrilled to do it if the renters would let us set the lights up. After everything was arranged my dad and I set up the lights and the photo shoot was done on Oct 28-29, 2002. They want to have the halides on and take a thermal picture of me standing outside my old residence. These pictures here were taken by my dad (Larry Kyllo).

Thermal Camera
Phoenix TFOV Thermal Camera

LCD Screen
Computer and LCD Screen of the Thermal Image

Roy Malmberg
Roy Malmberg, of Indigo Systems Corps, and me

Thermal Night Shot
Thermal Night Shot of me Outside my House

Me, next to the Flat Screen where the Thermal Image will be

George Steinmetz
George Steinmetz, of the National Geographic, and me

The Finished Product