It's 26 years later.
Now I'm 52,
Since the worst day in my life,
That ever came true,
It was January 24, 1992,
My door got kick in,
An I thought I was through,
Their guns were out,
Screaming down on the ground,
That's when my little World,
Came crushing down,
I thought it was a nightmare,
But couldn't wake up,
Before I knew it,
They had me in cuffs,
They hauled me away,
In an unmarked car,
There were 3 FBI Agents,
With a gold star,
They drove me to Portland,
Around 200 miles away,
To Multnomah County Jail,
Were I had to stay,
They booked me,
An charged me,
An gave me a cell,
All I know is it felt like hell!
Wrote by Danny Lee Kyllo 1/24/18 4:20PM

What a joke this election has became. All lying crooks that won't help this Country get any better only worse! The media is running it like a circus and only care about their ratings while the candidates only care about themselves and capital gain! World War 3 is on the forecast and everyone is asleep at the wheel!

By Danny Kyllo

This is happening right in my home Town of Reedsport! They are real evil people doing this! During the 40's into the 60's our own Government was dropping radioactive particles over populated Cities and Town's all over the US too see what the effect would do to the people! Detox at least once a month with herb's too clean the blood and organ's. Dandelion Root, Burdock root, Red Clover buds, and Slippery Elm work great and will detox your whole body including your brain! Boil the roots and seep the flowers and powders. Make a gallon of filtered water and drink cold over the morning into the day.

Danny L Kyllo

Obama claims Russian airstrikes strengthening ISSI?

I like what I read and all had some great things too say! Obama is running this Country into the ground and has done nothing good in the 7 years he's been in office! Obama is a liar and no Chief! He should have never been President and got there on lies and manipulations! He has trampled on our Constitution and started wars without Congressional Approval! Obama looks like he is trying too get us into WW3 which would be deadly and disastrous! Remember during a war like that he could be President for a long time and we would never get rid of him? We must all keep up the fight too save this great Country no matter what it takes!

Danny Lee Kyllo
10:28 AM

Not one of the Politician's that are running for President is bringing up how bad Monsanto's is? I wonder why? Because as long as Monsanto's is lining their pockets they are happy! This is what is wrong with America! Hillary and many other's in office or running have a lot of stock in Monsanto's and don't want it too fail! They don't care about us or our health, only profit!

Danny Kyllo

It's been 14 years,
Since the buildings fell,
Our economy is tanking,
An the World looks like hell,
From storms as big as Countries,
An 3 Nuclear Meltdown's
The World is being tested,
I hope it all calms down,
If humans just worked together?
I like that kind of sound!

By Danny L Kyllo

Monopolies are suppose too be illegal! When the 1% own our airways, newspapers, and magazines they can do whatever they want and control what is to be told too the people! This is what is going on today and they are all corrupt lying crooks! Until we get them out of power we will never get the true story on anything, let alone 9/11/01! Remember we will never forget that fateful day 14 years ago today when over 3000 people died for just trying too do their job!

Danny Lee Kyllo

9/11 was an inside job to get their war machines moving! Almost 14 years later and it is just getting worse not better! Millions of civilian's killed as the slaughter continues! The oldest structures in the World are being destroyed as we speak! This is genocide of the worst kind!

Danny Kyllo

The elite can see they are losing control and can't trust a human! They envision super computers, robots, and Drones too protect them from us! We have let our Government get too strong and now we are the enemy!

Danny Kyllo

China's Stock Market Continues Too Tumble! World Market On Verge!!

The domino effect is in full swing now! All the fake money our Treasury Department can print can't stop it now! The people on wall street and in office are too blame! Our Government has been on the take forever and it is finally catching up!

Danny L Kyllo

Trump doesn't stand a chance of winning! He is not for the common people of America and will never change. Trump was taking little old ladies money for years in them tight ass casino's before the whole bottom fell out! Trump is America's problem not the answer!

Danny Kyllo

Citibank Fined 380 million for swindling 3 Billion!

Bullshit man! Citigroup should have been dismembered and everyone thrown in Prison! All the money they swindled should be put into Social Security that the Government has been taking from for years! This will be just the start and other big financial banks and companies will be next! We can get this Country back on it's feet again if we stop all the Corruption going on right in front of our faces!

Danny Kyllo

They need too arrest Hillary and send a message too the rest of the Political crooks that they are next! This would save America and let them know that any crooks should not apply for President or any Public office position!

Danny Kyllo

Nothing has come good in the Middle East since America started bombing and killing in the name of terrorism! The whole war on terrorism is a lie and hasn't done anything positive! Million's of innocent people have been murdered already including women, children, and new born babies! Now our war craved Government wants too go into Iran and blow them too pieces too! Many ancient shrines and 1000 year old structures have be destroyed all over the Middle East that can never be replaced. Who is the actual terrorist I ask you?

Danny L Kyllo

No shit Roundup is poison! Monsanto's needs too be held accountable for poisoning mankind! All their money needs too be confiscated and those behind it put in prison for the rest of their lives being feed the poisons they grew until they die!

Danny Kyllo

Our own Government has been using boogie man fear tactics too rewrite and eliminate our Bill Of Rights! Without Freedom we have Tyranny! We must not give up any of our rights and freedoms for anything! Many lives were lost for the Freedoms we earned! Many more until we stop the evil that is trying too exterminate mankind! Power to the people and long live Freedom!

Danny L Kyllo

Banksters are dying at an alarming rate,
All over the World and it ain't no mistake,
They sold their soul a long time ago,
For greed and corruption they couldn't control
without repercussions which is insane,
Karma caught up too them,
An ended their rein!

By Danny L Kyllo
06/25/15 1:42PM

Poison skies are all around, More and more and make no sound, The evil killers are flying high, An dropping poison from the sky, Because they want us all too die, So they can keep living in their biggest lie!

By Danny L Kyllo

The guy that was on patrol back in 2001 is no hero! Hundreds of fire fighters lost their lives while trying too rescue thousands of people who just went too work too die on September 11, 2001! It looked like an inside job from the get go! Now almost 14 years later and all the war and killing is still going on too this day! Bush is wanted for war crimes in many Countries around the World and is no Hero!

Danny L Kyllo

The Earth is mad,
An rightfully so,
All the Volcanoes,
Are starting too blow,
The Earth is shaking,
Like never before,
In the end,
It will even the score!

By Danny L Kyllo

We have turn our fate over too machines! It is numbered marked 001! Millions more on the way unless they are stopped? We will not know where these killing flying machines are coming from when they start too exterminate humans all over the World! Machines have no feelings or empathy and will be doing as they were programmed too do, KILL!

Danny L Kyllo

Elmer they had a Fluoridric acid spill at one of our water treatment plants in the US and it eat right through the road! This Fluoride that their putting in our water too drink can eat right through titanium and stainless steel! If they are not evil than what are they? They are not in it for our better health!

Danny Kyllo

Cell phones and I pads are all like wearing a wire when you enter someones house with one! Plus you are being tracked and recorded every step you take. Throw your cell phones and I pads away and maybe you can get away again? Remember them good old days when you could just get away? It hasn't been that long ago! Throw that cancer causing wire away and get back too life!

Danny L Kyllo

There are going too be so many Drones flying in our sky we won't know where there all coming from! This is a stupid idea and opens the door for terrorist too fly Drones much easier and blend in! When someone is killed by a Drone who do we point the finger at? Innocent people will be caught in the middle and many will die! With jets full of people crashing and killing all on board we don't need anymore congestion up in our skies! But yet that is our Governments plan!

Danny L Kyllo

Sue I would also like too add our privacy rights are hanging by a thread! In fact with that Patriot Act still on the books we as Americans have no rights under its rhetoric! With one Executive Order after another being written it's like another nail in the coffin for humanity! Why are we the enemy now I ask? Were being strip search or groped at air ports and cameras on every street too watch our every move. Now here come the Drones too fly our skies and follow us around 24/7! I must ask What did us Americans do too deserve this treatment since 9/11? Nothing, we done nothing and I will tell you this, "I don't feel safer with Drones flying over head!" With these secret arrests with a bag over your head with no one too turn too, you just disappear! There will be no reporting of it because it is a secret.

When I won on a 5-4 decision in the United States Supreme Court on June 11, 2001, it was a Landmark decision! I always said I just didn't win for me I won for the whole American public! In these days like never before we have the KYLLO case too help protect us in our homes!

Thank's for listening,
Danny L Kyllo

Thank you Sue for giving me the opportunity too address such a prestigious school like Florida State!

My name is Danny Kyllo and I was born and raised on the Oregon Coast, home of the green! I was just another marijuana grower in Oregon trying too survive. Little did I know back in 1992 what was in store for me? I enjoyed marijuana from High School too my young adulthood and was tired of paying high price for something I thought I could grow myself. Sure enough I found out I had a green thumb! I had a small garden growing in my attic above my head while living in a one bedroom house in Florence Oregon. I was 26 at the time and told nobody about my business.

On the morning of January 24, 1992, my little world came crashing down! My house was stormed by 20 or more FBI agents with their 9mm drawn around 8AM! They arrested me and charge me with one count of manufacturing marijuana. Since I had over 100 plants it was turned into a federal case! I spend 3 days in jail in Portland, and was released on my own recognizance on Monday because I had a clean record. I was still in shock 3 days later and was a nervous wreck! When I was released I was told I was appointed a lawyer and he was waiting too see me.

When I first met my appointed attorney that day I felt helpless because he told me the police found pounds of marijuana and 2 hand guns and it don't look good! He went on too say I could be getting 5 years in Federal prison and I better cooperate with police! Lets just say when I left him I felt worse than when I went in. I was tired and hungry from what I just went through and just wanted too go home. When I got back too my house it was ransacked! My door was kicked in and it looked like a cyclone had hit it. I did notice a paper on my wall telling me that I'm evicted from my house. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse it did! Luckily my mom lived close by. I moved my stuff out the next week and found out I made the front page news and was the talk of the town. Luckily my moms house was outside of Florence, in the country.

That next week I got a call from an attorney form Portland, Ken Learner, he told me he was handed my case and wanted too talk too me in person in Portland ASAP! I told him I would be there and hung up. The next day I was off too Portland again and hoped for the best? When I first met Mr Learner he was real serious and the questions he asked I thought he was like a cop or something? He told me he doesn't like surprises and I better be telling him the truth if he becomes my lawyer. He told me the police have an informant who said he can always buy weed from me in Florence. I told Ken that is a lie, not true!

Ken went on to tell me that the police also subpoenaed my electrical records. They are making a case that my electricity was high for the size of my residence and that would constitute high intense lighting that marijuana requires. I told Ken my last electric bill was around $80 and that was in the dead of winter in Oregon. Ken didn't think that was very high and told me from what he has heard me tell him, them 2 issue's are pretty weak. He went on too tell me the police used a thermal imager on my house without a warrant which is illegal he thinks under the 4th Amendment. I asked Ken what was a thermal imager and he said it is new technology that the police are using. He said it detects heat that is invisible too the naked eye like x-ray vision. I was floored and never heard of this technology! Ken went on too tell me that if I sign with him he can't promise me anything because they did find all that marijuana which adds up too 5 years in Federal prison if convicted! He said this is going too take a few years time too fight in court and I would be free until the outcome. Right then and there I felt I had a great attorney who was willing too fight for me and I signed and Ken Learner became my attorney.

Little did I know it would take 10 years of my life too fight and finally win in the biggest court in the land The United States Supreme Court! There were so many twists too this case it would make your head spin! But through it all I wouldn't have changed a thing and will forever be remembered in the Law Books!

Well that is it in a nut shell! I hope you like my story which was a one in a billion shot I think too win! HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!

Have a good one,
Danny Lee Kyllo

Very scary topic too think our Government want's too have Drones patrolling our streets and skies day and night ease dropping on who ever moves! Since the invention of computers us humans have lost many jobs! With the way technology is moving humans are not being needed anymore in an alarming rate! These Drones will be weaponized with all the latest gadgets that can kill without thought or feelings. A human can make that last second decision and maybe question something that doesn't seem right. A Drone will do just as it is programmed and not feel a thing. It looks like us as humans are being deleted our mission completed! What did we do as Americans too be treated like we are all terrorists who have too be strip searched at the airports? We are not the enemy but our Government sure is treating us like we are!

My thoughts,
Danny L Kyllo

Joshua, the police lied about everything! There were no informant that knew anything about my operation. My electric bill wasn't excessive or high. The Agents made up their own electric chart too make my residents look like it was using excessive electricity compared too other houses my size. We fought these two issues until we were blue in the face but the Government wasn't budging! My only hope was too convince the Judge that a warrant should have been issued before a Thermal Imager was used on my residence! This was going too be a tough task but my lawyer Ken Learner out of Portland, told me we will appeal all the way too the United States Supreme Court if we have too! This gave me a lot of hope too have an attorney with that much fire! Little did I know that it would take 10 years of my life too decide my case? But when it was all said and done I won on a 5-4 decision on June 11, 2001. It turned out too be a Landmark decision Joshua that is still fighting for our privacy too this day! I also have a clean record too this day which I'm very proud of! Hope this will help get you an A Joshua? Let me know how you do?

Have a good one,
Danny Lee Kyllo

Remember everything in the news is staged now! But they been doing it for a long time. Pearl Harbor was staged and no one was killed! Look at the video's and you will see model buildings and houses being destroyed! It looks so fake! They have been lying too us for year's! Nuclear weapons don't exist either! Look at the video's that they have released on nuclear bomb's blowing up and you will see fake model blowing up! The video's don't lie! We never made it too the moon either! Our whole space program is fake! The space station and the shuttle all lie's and fake video's! CNN has always been fake and put out video's made on a set that isn't real. We have been lied too for ever! Don't believe anything you hear and half what you see!

Danny L Kyllo

All non violent first time drug offenders make up most of the jails and prisons. This is 2015 and I finally see a little light at the end of the tunnel. Gas going below $2.00 a gallon, 4 states with legalized marijuana and counting, And people uniting all over the World saying we want change! Only time will tell? I hope for the better!

Danny Kyllo

That is the last person we need in the White House, another Bush! War crimes are waiting for his father and brother. If it wasn't for Jed, George JR, would have never got in the White House! Everywhere you look you see lie's and corruption! No too another Bush!

Danny Kyllo,

How many people are homeless today in America? It is in the million's and going up everyday! These American's worked in sawmill, paper mills, and manufactured the best steel in the world. We made products that had made in America on them. That is what run this great nation and it is all gone! It is not the people's fault, they just want too work and raise a family. Our Government has ruined our tradition and family values because of greed and corruption!

Danny Kyllo

If Wesley Clark ran for President I would vote for him. I like what he has too say. The invasion of The Middle East was a planned operation from the get go! Some much history and mystery has been destroyed or looted! As the slaughter continues too this day, Many more innocent people will die while they pray!

Danny L Kyllo

We will have them all targeted! Your drones won't stand a chance. Our privacy is worth more then machines that can spy and take video of unsuspected American's! Keep them away from private property and by god don't run into or cause a plane too go down and kill many more? It is not just a toy. People will want too build bigger and fast one's than the other guy and the rat race begin's!

Danny L Kyllo

These bailouts or payoffs are the only thing keeping this fake stock market and Country of our's running! The shit should have already hit the fan? When 200 billion is run off everyday with nothing backing it something has too give? The question is not if, but when! This money will be used too kill many more civilians and innocent in the Middle East and keep our failed Government running for another year! Where has all our money and jobs gone? This great Country deserves much better than the crook's that are ruining it and the World for that matter! There is no accountability anymore and the lie keep's getting big as our deficit show's!

Danny Lee Kyllo

Don't keep cutting all the trees down and plant some! Trees make it rain. Quit turning the world into a desert! If marijuana was planted all over it would clean the air, fill our fuels, and make all our paper's and cloth that we need! Save the World plant tree's and hemp!

Danny Lee Kyllo

Vanessa as far as my case helping future cases it is doing it as I write this too you. I won back in June, of 2001, more than 13 years ago and my case is as hot as ever! From e-mail snooping to listening on peoples cell phone conversations, my case has been there to say no without a warrant too snoop on American citizens. If you look at all the privacy cases since 9/11/01, my case has been used on the winning side.

I would have hated to see what would have happened after 9/11/01, too our privacy right's if I lost my case? Our home is our castle and I knew I didn't want prying eye's looking through my walls or pulled curtains so I fought this case for 10 year's and didn't give up! I still feel how mind boggling this case was! It had so many up's and down's it made my head spin! But through it all I prevailed and I always said, "I'm not winning this case for me, but for the whole American public! It was a wild ride but I survived! To this day after my victory I still have a clean record and I'm in great health, what more could I ask for? Freedom is everything Vannessa and if I can get one thing a crossed today it is too the younger up in coming adults too never give up your right to "FREEDOM" no matter what it takes! Vannessa I hope this get's your group an A and tell your class too have A Merry Christmas!

Have a good one,
Danny Lee Kyllo

Drones that can be programmed too fly with out a need for a human is one less job. Delivery drivers will be a thing of the past if Amazon get's their way. This is a disaster waiting to happen with all them drones flying in our airspace. An what about our privacy man! I don't want somebody controlling a drone looking and prying in my windows. There isn't enough jobs now to go around for all the people eager and ready to work. It won't be long and the computers will be making and running the drones and building their robot police! An Orwelling future is about to come true! It just looks like they the Establishment want to delete us in the US? These Police drones will also have many weapon and gadgets at their disposal!

By Danny Kyllo
6:30 PM

Kyllo vs US from 2001, applies here but is not mentioned? This spying is against our Constitution and backed by the Kyllo law! Money dictating our Freedoms is wrong. Down with Drones, save our Freedoms!

By Danny Kyllo

Condi was there when 9/11 happened. That is when over 3,000 people went to work to die! This should have never happened, but it did! The people that we elected let us down big time! They don't deserve a medal let alone a Commissioner of the NFL! The game has been bought off, just look at it. The only thing that matter's is money anymore. The game that I grew up with is gone. The coaches, refs, and ESPN are all bought off. NFL games are scripted sorry you can't see that.

Just look at the last Superbowl and you tell me? Denver was paid to roll over and they did! 9/11 is coming up and 13 year later it still looks like an inside job! Many war crimes are waiting for the people behind it! Read Danny Kyllo vs US Landmark decision in 2001, before you judge people. I'm fighting for Freedom and everything our Constitution is about! I'm about saving this great country, not living a lie!

By Danny Kyllo

Marijuana is starting to get it's good name again but the evil pharama companies with billions to spend won't give up! They are losing their grip and as time goes on people will see that they won't have to go to the doctor anymore and feel that well being feeling from god's gift to all of us, marijuana!

By Danny Kyllo

Robin Williams what can I Say? He was the funniest comedian of them all in my book. Mork and Mindy is a classic and will live on for eternity. He was put on this earth to make people laugh and feel good. R .I .P. Robin you can finally relax!

Danny Kyllo

Everyone should carry a gun and be ready for these taken over soles with a gun. We can only protect ourselves at that moment. We have to be able to acted in a split second! Guns founded this Country and will always be apart of it. Long live the gun and the protection of the innocent by stander!

By Danny Kyllo

So many homeless now. Everyday there is more. The system has automated so much that a human is not needed anymore. The government hasn't been promoting jobs, they have been taking jobs away from wanting people since the 70's! Oregon used to have lumber and sawmills all over. Since the 70's Oregon has been shipping our raw material, fresh cut trees to Japan and closed all our mills. This has just progressed to were we are today, out sourcing all our companies over seas and forgetting about us in the US!

By Danny Kyllo

With all the Chem trails you know the Globalist are hard at work poisoning us as we speak! That exhaust that is coming out of your auto if not electric or other has been making acid rain for years! They want to control everything that you need or want! We are to smart for them and they want to dumb us down or kill us.

By Danny Kyllo

Israel is blowing the Gaza Strip to smithereens! All I see are charred blown up buildings or what is left of them. This is a complete annihilation of women, children, and elderly to kill Hamas! I just want to know how many Hamas have been killed so far in this attack by Israel? I do know the civilian's killed so far are in the 10's of thousands! There is a cease firer for 2 days in this conflict. I hope we get a honest report of the situation? What is the number of maimed women and children that will never be the same again from this onslaught?

By Danny Kyllo

Hamas is a made up boogie man like a terrorist, they have no face. They always admit to the bombing after it happens? This is not how things work. Only if you want to pull the wool over peoples eyes! I hope this helps you to see what is going on in the world. Smoke and mirrors baby!

Israel said today this is only the first step in their mission to destroy every tunnel in the Gaza Strip. So this is only the first stage of Israel's genocide campaign? Their mission is to get rid of Hamas once and for all! Israel is still blaming Hamas for all the civilians that they killed. The human shield excuse they think is still working how naive. With the death toll 1,500 Palestinian civilians to 59 Israeli's killed so for, the slaughter will continue!

Let me just say this. The Gaza tunnels are bomb shelters used by the Palestine people for years to get away from Israeli air strikes. For Israel to say they will destroy every tunnel is like an extermination of everyone! Egypt still won't let any Palestinian refugee's cross their border for safety! This is the first time that I can remember where refugee's from a conflict had nowhere to go. Even the Germans in W W 2 weren't that cold blooded! When will the world stand up with the US leading to stop this atrocity?

By Danny Kyllo

As the thousands of bombs from air raids explode on the Gaza Strip! What if Israel was getting bombed 24/7 by fighter jets? The score is way one-sided over 1000 women and children killed by Israel to 50+ Israeli's killed! If it was any other sport the game would have been called a long time ago! Stop the slaughter now!

Remember all pop is poison. Coke was caught recently admitting it was putting flame retardant in it's coke products. Gatorade was also doing it. This is poison they are putting in products that humans consume! Water is the best thing to drink to quench your thirst. The establishment is trying to poison us!

By Danny Kyllo

Israel has been sending ground troops in for a week now to the Gaza Strip. 30,000 reserves have been called upon to go house to house. They are looking for tunnels where Hamas could be hiding they says? To date Israel says under 300 Palestinians have been killed? This is a lie and way under the number of Palestinians killed. The number is in the thousands with no end in sight!

There are reports of banned weapon being used with injuries that can't be explained. Wounds of the injured start bleeding out metals after they were treated. These metals are unknown to date and reinfect the wounds. The only alternative is amputation. These banned weapons are against the Geneva Convention and are war crimes! Most of the wounded being treated are women, children, and the elderly! Just today Israel shelled a hospital killing many.

This is genocide by Israel as the the world watches! In the US we don't get the real story anymore which is sad. Our media is bought off and won't dare say anything negative about Israel. To date Egypt still won't except any refugee's. So there is nowhere for the fleeing Palestinian's to go! I never would have thought I would see this kind of treatment. It is like where back in the Middle Ages with no rules!

By Danny Kyllo

The Pharmaceutical and Chemical companies were behind getting marijuana banned in the first place! They have lots of money to keep marijuana illegal Federally. Now you know who is running our elected officials!

The Gaza strip is so closely occupied by Palestinians with over a million people. These rockets that are entering Israel airspace look more like flares from what I see. They haven't killed any Israeli with them to this point. They are mostly landing on the outskirts of Israel. On the other hand Israel has been bombing 100's of targets on the Gaza Stripe where over a thousand civilians have been killed so far. The Palestinian refugees fleeing have nowhere to go because Egypt won't let any Palestine's in. So basically they are boxed in for the slaughter to continue! This has to stop! What is wrong with our Government? We should be demanding for a cease fire now!

Holograms are common now but in 2001, they were used to pull off the biggest caper of all time on September 11! Nowadays you can't believe anything you see because it could be just a hologram. Watch out the wizard isn't done? He wants to pull off more illusions!

The cell phones you are using are like wearing a wire all the time. The Government can listening to your every word. Plus they know your location because you are track by satellite 24/7. They also cause brain tumors and other cancers so they are deadly. Now cell phones are all over the world. In fact over 90% of the worlds population have cell phones. The Government loves this device that they can turn on remotely. Even when your cell phone is off it is actually on! My advice to you is to throw that radioactive invasive device away. You will get your old self back and live longer too. These microwaves are clouding and frying your brain! I'm one of the few that don't have a cell phone. Remember when you could just get away and relax? With a cell phone you can't. Throw away your cell phone and save money too! With a cell phone you never know who is actually texting you? They can see your patterns and wordings and mimic your best friend. Start talking to your friends like it should be.

This printing of 500 billion a day by our Treasury Department with nothing backing it is about to explode! This system they are running was set to fail to ruin this great Country! They don't care about women, children, or the elderly. You can see what they're doing to them in the Middle East, where over a million have been killed!

We need to abolish the Patriot Act that was wrote into law so quick when the American people were still in shock from 9/11. With this in place we have no rights and our Government is using it to it's fullest extent! 

This system is set to fail my friend. That has been their plan from the get go. Not many people know this or don't want to except it. They, the elite are losing control and will do everything to stop us. As one we are invincible! More people are waking up all the time. I'm not ready to give up and need people like you who are on the same page. We need to educate our young and protect our tradition which they are trying to destroy it!

We are split up to much in Politics and it isn't an accident! Democrats, Republicans, and now the tea party? This is what is wrong with our system. We need to all be on the same page, "united we stand divided we fall!" The people running this country love it that way so we fight among our selves while their robbing the cookie jar and getting us into all these wars! It's time to clean house and get rid of all the corruption!

Diesel is the dirtiest of all fuels. This and catalytic converters are ruin our air and making acid rain! If Obama or anyone else is worried about our health I don't see it. They want to ruin our water and air so they can control us more!

Our Presidents are picked way before they run for office. It is not a fair game they are playing. These Government officials are all just puppets to the puppeteer who is controlling their strings. The elite families that are running the world can sit at one table and dictate the future by war and corruption!

This Va investigation is years to late but it is at least a start. Some heads are gonna roll! How many of our veterans have died because of the wait to see a VA doctor? If you take the decades that this has been going on the number could be a million or more?

This is just sick what has been happening to our Veterans who put their lives on the line to help protect our Nation. Who is to blame? I will have to go to the top of the heap and say our President is to blame! But it has been going on way longer than Obama's term. This should be a wake up call to our government to say this isn't acceptable anymore! We need a lot better care and compensation for our Vets. We will see from this investigation if things are going to change for the better? I hope for the better!

Drones can be jammed. And if the Iranians can take control of one they are not very safe from being used against the people that are behind them? These Drones are a waiting time bomb that could kill many innocent people. But aren't they all ready? Say no to Drones!

It is so terrible what is going on with our bee and bat population in the U.S. Our bees are dying off in a alarming rate and now bats are developing a mold like growth on their nose and face area that keep them from eating and drinking and they just die of dehydration! What is going on with the 2 best pollinators we have? I will tell you this Round Up and other herbicides are to blame and are pushes and sold like nothing is going on. A weed deserve to grow just as much as anything else. If you don't like the weed pull it from the ground with your hands. Get rid of the poisons and the bees and bats will thank you by multiplying again. Home depot quit selling the poisons for profit and think of Mother nature.

Mr Paul, If we really want to send a message we need to have a 1 million or more person march on the capital and demand that these illegal practices be stop at once! As one we are as powerful as they come! I think you need to bring up the Patriot Act more and demand that it be erased from law. It was our biggest hit as a Nation and basically eliminates our Bill of Rights! Rand you are in a great position to stop this atrocity that has took over this nation since 9/11. Be the leader that our founding father would be proud of?

Thanks for listening,
Danny Lee Kyllo

There is no regulation and control anymore and the FDA is running a muck. They are just in it for profit and nothing else. The doctors are working hand and hand with the FDA to push these untested drugs off to their patience. They advertise these new drug on TV like it is god send. What is so bad is the side effects are worse than your ailment. When side effects are death, suicide, or aneurysms you know they can sell poison and get away with it. I think the Government is making all these diseases so they can treat you with their so called miracle drugs to manage your ailments and not cure them. Please don't go to the doctor and try to heal yourself. From one human being to another I just want help my fellow humans. Herbs can cure all and that is all you need with a little positive thinking you can't go wrong. Look up your ailment on line and find the herb to cure what ails you. Remember you have an Oracle at your finger tips your computer so ask that right question and you will get the answer. Their so evil and like to prey on our young and old and hope their so naive like most are. Please help yourself and pass it on to people you love and we can stop this atrocity from happening. Thanks for listening and stay safe.

Danny Kyllo

Here is something every American needs to be aware of. On July 01, 2014, House Bill "H.R. 2847" will take effect. This bill will have devastating effects on all American! Yet 99% don't even know and think things are on the rebound because the stock market is soaring and unemployment is declining. In fact that is just what the major news agencies are say and most American are believing. The government is lying and trying to cover up that we are broke and can't pay our debts. They just keep printing more money like nothing is wrong and the lie gets bigger and bigger! We use to have gold and silver to back the money we print but no more. If you look back it was a master plan that's been going on a very long time. Their plan was to break this great Nation and it looks like their succeeding?

Now back to Bill"HR 2847", July 1, a little over 2 month from now our dollar is going to be re-evaluated. An from the looks of our huge debt that keeps adding on 200 billion every hour of every day including weekends and all holidays it is not going to go away anytime soon. The government even has the nerve to say our deficit is getting smaller and everything is getting better as far as our economy is concerned. On July 1, our dollar will be devalued by 1/2. What does that mean? Well imaging everything you need like gas, food, clothing, going up double. You see the oil companies won't lose anything because they will just double the price of our already outrageous gas prices. This will just have a trickle down effect that will double the price of all the product we need or use. Also in this bill in the fine print the US government will mandate that all foreign banks will have to report all account opened with US dollars. This will take time and cost money for the banks who will just not except the US dollar anymore. This will basically strand the average American like most of us because there is no middle class anymore! The US dollar which has been the world currency since WW2 will be a thing of the past. Most of the world knows about our failing dollar. Our Government doesn't want you to know this and will just kept on going like nothing is wrong! When our dollar takes a nose dive all precise medals will skyrocket. If you can invest in gold and silver. It has been the standard for thousands of years. As always stay safe and be aware!

By for now,
Danny Kyllo

Marijuana was growing all over the United States in 1931. Then our own Government started to destroy and burn it all. They didn't like all the different uses and benefits that marijuana had. Reefer Madness came not to long after this. A movie that showed how marijuana could turn a man into a raving sex craved killer after smoking a puff of marijuana. All lies and scare tactics that were so far from the truth but were working for their deceptive plan! You see The chemical companies like Dupont which has been around since 1801, Oil companies, and Pharmaceutical all felt threaten by this weed that has been around since the beginning of time. This is big money at it's worst and they were determined to out law marijuana once and for all!

Henry Ford used hemp seed oil to run his first model A's. The best rope, paper, and products were made of hemp and would last forever. Our Declaration Of Independence is wrote on hemp paper. In fact if it wasn't for hemp we would have lost the Revolutionary War and still be under the Queens rule of England! All are Founding Father's grew hemp and our first flag was made of hemp. So long live hemp, it has saved us time and time again. Finally marijuana is getting back the good reputation that it once had.

I guess all you people that are for drone use must have stock in it or something? Otherwise you would see just have cowardly and deadly these war crime machines are! The people of America haven't even got a chance to vote on drone use, the government is just implementing them in little by little. The International out rage for all the women and children that have been murdered by drone's in the middle east should be enough for most people to say no to drones in America or anywhere for that matter.

Danny Lee Kyllo

No drones should not be allowed! The people of America need to have a chance to vote on this important issue! Drones should not be just implemented in like the government is doing now without even a vote by the people. After all we are still a Democratic County?

Drones have a horrible track record for their uses in Afghanistan and Iraq where women and children are killed randomly and nothing is done to stop them! One drone was even taken over out of the sky by Iran and landed in Iran. The Iranians took it apart piece by piece to learn what makes it tick. This drone was our most sophisticated one to date and Iran just took it over? These cowardly weapons need to be banned altogether and never should be in America or anywhere else period! Drones don't have the ability to make that last second decision when it comes to life or death like a human can. It sounds like the establishment wants drones and robots that they can control easy and start a army of slaves. Here is a short poem I wrote I could call it a quote, "Where being deleted our mission completed!", If we let them get their way. An for all you people in it just for the money, Its not worth selling our freedoms away! One last thing to add I sure don't want a drone falling from the sky hitting me or anyone else for that matter. This would be a terrible mistake if we let these drones start roaming our street and skies. Say no to drones!

Danny Kyllo